Copenhagen Summit Maps

Shameless plug for a new site that is a three way initiative between my company (Seven Sigma) and Debategraph and the Cognexus Institute, The site was created with the aim of simplifying the discussions being held during the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit by using an information visualisation technique known as dialogue mapping.

There will be live analysis of the video streams being supplied by which will involve a ‘dialogue mapper’ adding to the map as the discussions occur. The process of dialogue mapping aims to be unbias and aims to capture as much of the discussions as possible.

The software being used to create and display the map is supplied by Debategraph. People are encouraged to sign up for a Debategraph account and join in on the live commentary while the map is being created during the scheduled live mapping sessions.

Additional to the scheduled live mapping sessions there will also be delayed mapping sessions for discussions that can’t be captured live. The aim here is that this map will be a sort of “record” of the dicussions held during the Summit.

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