Inversion of Control/Dependency Injection Container

Recently I discovered the inversion of control/dependency injection pattern and love the level of decoupling it introduces. For those that have not yet been introduced to the delights of this design pattern there’s a fantastic article on Martin Fowler’s site.

After seeing the potential of this design pattern I decided to take a quick look around at what there is on offer in terms of frameworks. The problem I found was that most of the frameworks out there offer alot of functionality I’m not really looking for. All I’m really wanting is a basic IoC/DI container implementation that will allow me to register types and track and instantiate object instances for me and just for such simple functionality I don’t really want to reference foreign assemblies. As with all developers who become too lazy to search further, I have written my own and seeing that there’s possibly a bunch of others out there with a similar issue I’ve decided to release it into the public domain so you’re free to use the source however you see fit.

To get further details on the IoC/DI container I’ve written, I’ve set up a separate page where I’ll post my latest updates as well as the link to the subversion repository I’m hosting the files from.

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